Sunder Ban is divided into two parts, one side in west Bengal and other side is in Bangladesh and Royal Bengal tigers frequently migrate from one place to another. Migration depends on search of food and undisturbed place during breeding season i.e. winter. Wild cats, small or big can move very fast, for example one leopard can travel 100 Km within a night, A royal Bengal Tiger can move 10 to 20 km within a night.

A male tiger normally does not change their range. Range demarcation is done by the male tiger with their urine in bush trees and rocks. This urine has got a strong chemical smell which last for a long time. In one range there may be more than one female but in the same range only one male will have the control over all the females. One male does not mate more than one female in a day.

Bhutan wild life sanctuary, Manas tiger reserve and Rajiv Gandhi National park is interconnected for the fauna for movement or migration if they need. This year all these three places has witnessed a rise in tiger population. Which has been detected by Camera Trapping method of WWF India, A commendable job done by them and reveals the facts to the people staying close to the village of the parks. Last week 3 cubs with a mother tiger observed in Orang forest near the river.

More over last one year no report of killing of tiger or Rhinoceros in these parks have been reported . So it can be sited as an undisturbed zone and increasing the number of the animal is a testimony of that. WWF India has also taken-up the “project Tiger” and by photo trapping method is trying to find out the number of the animals. Yes cattle’s are becoming prey sometime and villagers are getting compensation of Rs.2500/- per cattle. Incident of attacking human has not come to the notice for last one year. It is a clear testimony that migratory movement through Indo-Bhutan border is taking place without any disturbances.


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  1. It is great to know that the largest population of Bengal Tigers are found in India. its a very great and wild creature, but their population is decreasing day by day.we should take more steps to save them.


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